Posted by: Dawud Israel | August 5, 2011

Minty Miswak


One cool idea I had a few weeks back was to give my miswak some flavor. I came across this spearmint oil in the bulk grocery store and tried it on my miswak. I put 2 drops and found that it made my mouth much more minty clean. But because it was concentrated spearmint oil I also ended up yelling because it burnt my lips. So be sure to keep it away from your lip corners. One tiny drop should be enough to flavor your miswak.



I just found out there are some mint-flavored miswaks out there, but I have yet to come across one. Spearmint oil is quite cheap, easy to find in your grocery store, near the food coloring items and you don’t need much of it.


  1. Oh the minty miswaks are disgusting, much better to put mint oil on them. But would you have to stay away from minty oil during Ramadan?

    • Not sure…I guess you would on the side of caution (wara).

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