Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 17, 2011

Mukhlis vs. Wannabe

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a muslim tattooing of the Arabic muminun is an example of what can be mistaken as sincerity (ikhlas) but is little more than an attempt at sincerity. a mukhlis (sincere person) would love to tattoo onto his/her body, but knows that it is forbidden, but a wannabe does not know nor would he care. here is a perfect example of honouring Islam by disrespecting its tenets- which is a symptom of the times, the most extreme example which is an islamist/fundamentalist. its the difference between Islam as an idea, and Islam as a reality.


  1. Could you elaborate a bit more about the advice part? Barak Allahu feek

    • Islam is such a lived experience that most Muslims, especially here in the West, do undergo the same problems and can come up with solutions of their own and share them. But most don’t bother, they just keep meander through. So when someone asks for advice on those problems, they will give generic, bland advice to them, because they do not really care or take the issue seriously for themselves, so why would they take it seriously with you? Its part of heedlessness and the advice isn’t helpful…its just given to make themselves feel good…at best its a hypothesis, “try this…” rather than, “I had that situation and tried this and it worked…”

      Example: Someone feels suicidal and seeks advice. The wannabe will probably blame them or make them feel guilty or say read more Qur’an. The mukhlis will look into the sunnah for an answer and provide it or explain their own experiences with that issue. (For example there is a dua in the hadith for people with suicidal feelings. See here: )

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