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This page is horribly out of date…my apologies. However, much of it still applies, but the vision, -dramatic pause- has widened!

Hello friends, out of all the websites in the worldly wide web–you’ve come across mine!

Make no mistake my friend this website is one of a kind. You can go to just about any Muslim blog and find something about your classic salafi vs. sufi arguments or some copy paste business going down. But not here. Nope!

The original vision was about explaining Islam and making it better understood to average Joe…what is called, Dawah. But as time has progressed I came to realize this could not happen so easily, and so this blog has become a place of experimentation with new ideas, concepts, dreams and fascination upon the meeting place between the Muslim and the West (Canada to be precise!) and overall, a continuous discovery of the Islamic spirit. We research on Islamic topics, the Muslim lifestyle and specialize in developing online and offline projects, using divine inspiration and sincerity as our guide, creativity as our tool, to help carve a place for Muslims and Islam in this chaotic world. We are activists, of a different breed. Just about everything here is volunteer-based and subject to being shared elsewhere, with permission, of course.  Explore freely. 🙂

Be careful, oh adventurer, for you may discover something that will push you further away from your present self and further into who you truly are!


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About the Author:

Dawud Israel

A brother whose interests include studying (any form of) Islam, politics, business, philosophy, medical science, psychology, the social science, and overall how to change the world. Firmly grounded in Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah. Contrary to popular belief Israel is an Islamic name mentioned in the Quran as the name of Prophet Yaqoub (Jacob’s) and up until recent times was a common Muslim name. 🙂

And no, this is not my real name, this is a pen-name. Deal with it.

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Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    AsalaamuAlaykum wa Rahmat Allahi wa Barakatuh

    I was speaking with Br. Mohamed El-Fatatry from islamicvideos.net in regards to obtaining a high quality version of “Malcom X-Prince of Islam” for public student viewing (Dawa at my college center). The SBCC MSA, of Santa Barbara would like to show the film during lunch one day, and he college has setup a very large hi-def monitor near the cafeteria that we can use. If you could help provide us with a DVD or CD with the documentary on it, it would be greatly appreciated. The Google Video version would not look good on such a bog screen.

    Jizakum Allahu Khairan for all yor effors, may Allah accept!

    Insha’Allah I will hear from you soon.

    Wa Salam

    • This is too – six years! – late now, but I would recommend the PBS documentary “Make it Plain” on the life of Malcolm X. You can find it on Youtube here:

  2. Masha Allah,

    A very beautiful and informative blog. I spent hours today in reading all your posts. Subhanallah. Good and thought provoking posts. May Allah accept all our deeds, forgive our sins and grant us His shadow on the Yawmal Qiyamah, Aameen. Glad to add you to the blogroll. Jazakallah Khair for sharing.

  3. Ameen.

    Allahumma la tu’aakhidhni bimaa yaqoolona, wagfirlee, ma la yalamoona, wajalnee khairam-mimmaa yadhunoon, Ameen.

    But to be honest, I’m not exactly sure what people like about this place…still confused about it and sincerely hoping I come across some brothers and sisters who will do a much better job than I so I can more clearly understand where I fit in on the scheme of things.

  4. You know why your site is awesome?

    1)The open-mindedness, alhamdulillah, we actually have an intellectually based blog, that is not so narrow minded

    2) It’s comfortable. I can let my guard down here, Subhanallah, I’ve seen sites that make you prepared for battle field, when it comes to small issues like the whole Sufi vs Salafi business

    3)The insanely creative ideas, eg: Islamic websites, and quotes on money bills. Thats is so smart!!! – Another great idea would be islamic bumper stickers, that have websites and phone numbers on them so people would be intrigued to learn about Islam, and leave their biases behind.

    4) The most important, the spirit of activism!!! Many sites focus on knowledge, and reading etc etc. But what is the point of knowledge, if you have not applied it? This site is an amazing area to find ways to actually DO SOMETHING!!!!

  5. Alhamdulillah, I hope it keeps getting better than what you say.

    If this site fails–than hey, I hope it inspires others at least. 🙂

    Oh and the stickers are in the works!

  6. So, it seems like you like to read medical science. If I may ask, are you are doctor?

  7. Medical science?

    No brother I am not a doctor.

    In fact, medicine very much annoys me (if you haven’t noticed) so I recommend you avoid that discussion completely.

    Thanks. 🙂

  8. Well, it says so in “About the author section”, so I asked.

    “About the Author:

    Dawud Israel

    A brother whose interests include studying (any form of) Islam, politics, business, medical science, …”

    Btw, I am a female slave of Allah.

  9. LOL 🙂

    May Allah bless you, Ameen.

    Ya brought a smile to my day.

    I did some research work, yes, so I know some of the more intimate things but generally, I’m very anti-doctor.

    If you want email me and maybe I can give you some advice about getting accepted into medicine, Insha Allah. 🙂

  10. Sure. I’m looking for all the advice that I can get. I’ll email you soon, inshaAllah. Salaam Alaikum.

  11. You got mail!

  12. I ended up in your site thru mysterious ways, and masha allah, your posts are uplifting and informative 🙂

    Jazaka laah, brother(s)

    salams, from a somali brotha livin’ in Europe..

  13. Hi, didn’t know how to contact you any other way, but here is a good article for your website:


    Its the top facebook apps for Muslims and dawah.

  14. Jazaka Allahu khayran.

    I already have those on my FB profile…but we can’t stop there so I got working on another one a while back. Not easy to do but something good will come out of it, Insha Allah.


  15. This blog seems really interesting. I’ll come back to check it out again later.

  16. As Salaam’alaykum

    A very big thank you to Dawud Israel for writing and publishing the promotional article: A Role Model Muslim Woman and the new HalfDate Drive https://muslimology.wordpress.com/. There are 5 days left in the drive and 55% of the money needed has been raised so far…. all thanks to Allah!

    I wanted to comment on Daw’ah and a sure fire way to reach non Muslims with the truth of Islam.. a way in which they will not feel they are being preached at or debated.

    Non Muslims read fiction…for pleasure and it is required in all Language Arts programs in USA educational systems/schools. They love to read fiction in a variety of genre and for all age/reading levels.

    Islamic fiction is a sure fire method for non Muslims to learn about Muslims and Islam!

    What is Islamic Fiction?

    Go to http://www.IslamicFictionBooks.com and read the content on the website and you will understand what I am talking about when I say this under recognized method for giving daw’ah is potentially a gold mine for success.

    I have been working hard for over 7+ years writing and now in the last 3 years publishing Muslim writers of Islamic fiction for all reading levels.. especially youth/teens/adults. Most Muslim publishers don’t publish Islamic fiction and most Muslim retailers refuse to make it available in their bookstores and online.

    The books I write and publish and publish for other Muslim IF authors show readers who Muslims are and how they live as minorities in a larger secular society. The stories include Islamic practices and also challenges minority Muslims have. Muslim kids, especially, can identify with the book characters and settings. Non Muslims reading the books have the opportunity to learn that Islam is about respect and tolerance for cultures, diversity, races and religions. Often there are non Muslim secondary book characters included in these quality books. Many times historical events or personages in Islam are referenced within the stories as well.(some Islamic history and truths)

    The stories are interesting, fun to read and provide a wealth of information about Muslims and Islam in a non threatening and Islamic way.

    I have identified less than 100 Engish language Islamic fiction stories written by Muslim authors. Maybe in the future the Muslim publishers and retailers and Muslims themselves will see the great benefits of these books and more will be produced.

    When non Muslims can see that we have much in common as well as our differences… they will begin to see us as people they can relate to, work with and come to know. In coming to know us.. our good examples may lead these potential future Muslims to our Islam. 🙂

    Well just my thoughts on this important topic.

    Thanks again for all who have said du’a for the HalfDate TSG project and those who are able to who have donated in some way to help this goal to be met.

    Also known As Lind Delgado
    Muslim Writers Publishing, Publisher

  17. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I have been confused for some time about salafi and sufi and so thanks for shedding some light on this subject. You see I come from a sufi background but studied in a salafi school, so this issue had been troubling me for some time. I did read some of your articles and really liked it, Masha Allah! Will come back for more… 🙂
    Jazakallah for your sincere effort to spread da’wah, because you helped me brother! Thought you’d like to know!

  18. Salaam pls check out my blog.

    Maybe you can put it as on of your recommended dawah site.

  19. Assalam alaikum, I am trying to contact the admin of this blog. Anyways, i want him to check this website and add it into his blog roll of Muslim dawah websites. http://peacepropagation.com

    This is a dawah center actively working in India.

  20. salam- thanks for adding the “ghazali project” link to your blog. appreciate it man.

    -saad omar [ghazali project director]

  21. Selam, can you add me to the blog roll as well? http://www.themuslimvoice.co.cc

  22. Link added.

  23. Thanks, Jazakullah. I will add your blog as well.

  24. thanks Jazakullah ill add you as well.

  25. Assalamualaykum wr.wb

    Hi, I’m new to this blog. I’m an Indonesian. I’m sorry for my rudeness, but can you tell me why your name is Dawud Israel? Are you a jew? Again, I’m sorry for my rudeness. I hope you can answer my questions.

  26. Salaams,

    nice site, i was wondering if you could http://www.revivingislamicart.com as a link to your site, btw those pics and brief notes and succint and profound with meaning….

  27. Asalaam o alykum
    Nice site mashaAllah.

  28. i love this site so much. these posts are inspiring. i am already gaining so much knowledge.

    may God bless you for your efforts.

    may God increase for you wisdom, health, and iman.

    may He protect your family and friends from harm, grant you the best of your du’as, and may you have success in this life, and the next. ameen


  29. I was absolutely enthralled when I discovered your blog, brother Dawud. I just love what you have to say about spirituality in Islam, as I am going through this re-discovery phase myself, and am finding great comfort in your words.

    I just wonder where I’ve been all this time, because your blog is great masha’Allah!

  30. Assalamu Alaikum, dear brother.
    Amazing blog, Masha’Allah.

    I was wondering y my blogs are not found anywhere in the sidebar 🙂

    Brother, I invite you to visit my blogs and IF you like them, then please add a link to them.
    http://www.yassarnalquran.wordpress.com (Qur’an blog)
    http://www.muqith.wordpress.com (Islamic Studies…..template like urs 🙂
    http://www.islamcalling.wordpress.com (seerah blog)

    Jazakallah Khayr, EID MUBARAK and keep up the hardwork 🙂

  31. MashaAllah – so this is what a beneficial, easy to read, informative blog looks like! May it continue to be beneficial, insha’Allah.

  32. Got here via sunniforum and Im glad. Hats off 2 u my bro.

  33. mashallah

  34. […] https://muslimology.wordpress.com/about-muslimology/ […]

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