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  1. Salam,
    Under the “counselling” section of your side bar menu, you list 1-866-NASEEHA as only being available to Ontario residents. I wanted to let you know that this service is actually available North America wide.

  2. The photos of the models and females stand out as too bold, and rather unfitting for the blog (without even going into the religious view one holds about them).

    InshaAllaah you will gain much barakah by replacing them with other related images of the respective blog topics.


  3. Assalamu Alaikum.

    Visit these blogs, InshaAllah

    IF you find they are good and beneficial, please add links in this wonderful blog of yours!



  4. Mashallah wonderful Blog and nice layout. May Allah reward you for doing Dawah work.
    I want to share our website with you:
    We provide online Quran learning services specifically to those who live in countries where it is difficult to reach Mosques or Islamic Centers for Quran Education.

  5. reading your twitter update, could you explain pls, I looked it up and don’t get it!
    “came across Qur’anic justification for non-Prophetic awrad, hizbs, wazaif, duas and dhikrs: Surah al-A’raf v. 175-7 ”

    jazakallahu khair

    • Sure. The verses have to do with Balaam who was a pious man at the time of Musa alayhi salam. Allah taught Balaam the Ismu Azam, the Greatest Name of Allah (“Our Sign”) by which a supplication is immediately answered. Balaam had some issues and used the Greatest Name to make dua against Musa alayhi salam. And for this he was disgraced.

      This verse is a justification for non-Prophetic awrad, hizbs, wazaif, duas and dhikrs because even whilst a Prophet was present Allah taught Balaam this powerful secret, “And if We had willed, we could have elevated him thereby…” But it also contains a lesson in that the greater the blessing, the more dishonour there is in not honouring it properly. The other justification is of course, that dua is dua.

      So that is the tafsir. The justification is something I inferred entirely of my own understanding and I feel its safe to make that call. Often, the Qur’an has answers to controversial issues and this is why its called the Furqan (Criterion). If I am wrong then may Allah forgive me.

      Sorry for the delay in responding.

  6. Just wanted to point out that in reference to one the of the pictures, the caption refers to J. Edgar Hoover, the former head of the FBI, as former President (Herbert) Hoover.

  7. Am inspired about ur videos u r doing a great job

  8. Asalam aleikum,

    Our blog integrates Islamic teaching with Permaculture design, an ecological design methodolgy that offers technical solutions to many of the environmental challenges humanity faces.

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