Dawud Israel’s amateur poetry and -isms:

Sir Isaac Newton once said, “If I have been able to see further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”
“Oh Muslims! If we have been able to see further than others, it is because we see the words of GOD.”

My nafs (ego) tells me I am great. Who then can I bow my down head to ? Or who then is alone worthy of me bowing down to except Allah ?

I see the grass shimmering as if moving towards the glowing sun. It were as if mankind gravitates towards God in the same way. But yet the sun itself gravitates towards Him, who moves all.

Sacrifice to society is self-defeat. The only real sacrifices are made out of obedience to God against society.

“You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind.” (Qur’an 3:110) Has this Ummah decided to sit down, ya Allah?

Allah: Lord of all that exists and that which doesn’t.

rules rewritten, lies rehidden
a scene to be seen
a dream to be weaned
appreciate the apocalyptic message
and bow to the Supreme

a request to be unknown
a rising star to be shown
errors unremembered–glory retold
in a shadow to be hallowed in gold
made eternal is the servants soul

a renaissance of renaissances
a war of mischevious nuances
blood unshattered and a fight rehammered
in conflict the souls unleashed
in death he lies appeased
gladly forgotten is the mujahids tale

the rebel’s demise is the wise’s surmise
fighting the world he was slave to none
know genuflecting on one knee he bows to the One
wicked was his soul–but now he is purer than snow
humbled before the one he loves and the One he knows
every head must bow…now every head must bow

goals unachieved and fires relinquished
chest rises and falls–a breath extinguished
perchance the musafir has reached his goal
perchance he has sold what was left of his soul
God knows only how great His hands are and nothing is beyond His reach

known is the unknown–he lives life in a mental prison
perception is imagined and chained is his freedom
a bird careens as his wings are torn
he crashs forgotten but to Allah he is reborn
a champion to champion all His causes
lower than dust to live in His gnosis

dreams reliving and eyes fastforwarding
messages spoken, hearts have awoken
our time was,is and always will be now
change shall come but through the how
bring willingness to the willingless
shown a path for them to reminisce
revolution lies in the saint’s whisper

fueled is Jannah’s rival by sins tossed and thrown
few are Jannah’s elite and many on Hell’s throne
count your sin and count your deeds
and know how undeserving are your needs
titled to fame–than entitled to the flame
followers of Paradise are followers of His advise

vouch for the unvouched for–shout for the silenced
like thunder that proclaims His glory and praise
stand in prayer and from the dead be raised
eyes once wet–will moisten once again
tears of fear and jeers of joy
judgement passed and justice woven
to us an injustice would’ve been fairer
for in all things God is unequaled (without equal)

If God and man were to meet
would man need to speak?
Man could only listen and learn
for to speak would be a waste–unearned
God’s speech only matters–for in it God and man meet
all that matters is what he says, what he says, what he says
for it is the Word, for it is the Recitation, it is the Qur’an

Eyes upon eyes, Light upon light yearning for the Shade and raging fight upon fight

Nafsi—Maula isko kardo fanaa, Joh aapke khoysh—who hamaree duaa
(My self: My Lord destroy it. What whatever you command–is my prayer.)

You do not possess the Qur’an. It possesses you.

Keep your eyes on the Akhirah’s prize.

Our weakness: Thinking we have enemies everywhere–we end up making an enemy of ourselves.

Why would you go and seek the help of Shaytaan in order to serve Allah?

A brother put it nicely, “This religion is a Straight Path. Even if you go off this path just a little bit, you will keep going in that direction until you have gone too far away to even dream of coming back.”

Shaytaan is the reflection of every true Muslim saint. (meaning, every Muslim saint sees himself as worse than shaytaan and this is how we know he is genuine)

Wronging those who have never wronged can never be righted–and so all must commit wrong.

Patience is to pay-chance.

The bigger your heart is–the more ways it can be hurt.

They legitimize division with unity–whether they are Asharis or Salafis or Kaffirs–and it will never work

Our tears are oil for the flame of eeman

La=No; as in stop from sinning
Ilaha=God; think about God now
illal=but; now you think of something else except God
lah=God; and so we remind you about God, hinting to how whatever it is you thought about is linked to God

If you think about it, every Daie or Muslim worker is an Islamophobe–they hate Muslims (their condition) and want to change them.

Allow everything to heal, but keep a few wounds open so you can call out to Allah with sincerity.

I have too many unsent letters and unpublished articles…who am I writing to except Allah?

I believe in Islam like I believe in the sun rising, not just because I can see it, but by it, I see everything else.

`Ali said, “You do not tell people any statement that their intellects do not grasp except that it will be a Fitnah (trial) for some of them.”

Nabi (sallallahu alayhiwasalam) said: “Faith wears out in the heart of any one of you just as clothes wear out, so ask Allaah to renew it.”

“There is no heart that is not covered by a cloud like the cloud covering the moon when it is shining, and so it suddenly goes dark, but when it (the cloud) goes light shines again.

Muslim ‘groups’ think they are high and mighty on their own Muslim ideological Island…but in reality they are just sitting on a peninsula of Islam.

So He is the Witness and the witnessed for, and He is the Evidence and the Indicated to. He is the Evidence by Himself about Himself, as some of the most knowledgable people of Allah said, “How can I ask for the evidence of whom is an Evidence for me over all things? If you ask for any evidence of Him, you will find that His Existence is more evident than that.” That is why the Messengers (peace be upon them) said, “What? Can there be a doubt about Allah?” (Ibrahim 14:10) Therefore, He is more Known than all that is known and more evident than all that is evident. Realistically, everything in the universe is proven to be a created object by the fact that there must be a creator, which is Allah, the Almighty; yet, and by way of deductive reasoning, He Himself is recognized through the existence of such creatures as well as through His actions and laws, which organize the course of all creatures in the universe. (Al-Fawaaid of Ibn Qayyim rahimullah)

The jostle of her bangles, her shy giggle, your lifetime in her eyes, the curve of her lips, and the Afterlife in her welcoming smile. My martyred brothers the houri are waiting your arrival. The gates of Paradise are swinging open for you, fly in that Allah may hasten your arrival.

If my heart beated backwards would I be able to tell? If my heart beated backwards would I travel back in time? If my heart beated backwards would my breathing reverse? I would make it beat backwards just to spend time with my beloved. But would my soul shrink going back in time and would I love her less now? Would I be only losing everything if I kept going back? And would time take back the gift of love? Does my heart beat backwards in hell? Or does it beat backwrads now and have I beaten back the gifts time brought forth?


Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. Failure: “Only in the darkest hour can you see the brightest star” – persian proverb

  2. I heard something similar…

    In complete darkness, one candle is enough.

  3. mash’Allah not bad

  4. You should read some Robert Frost.


  5. Here’s an amateur poem of my own:

    Life can be good, But also bad.
    One day you’re happy, The next you’re sad.
    One moment you feel invincible, Without a care.
    It feels as though you’re walking through air.

    Suddenly, Bang! You’re brought crashing down.
    Your ecstatic smile replaced by a desolate frown.
    You attempt to stand, But can’t even crawl.
    It feels as though you’ve smashed into a brick wall.

    When faced with such abject misery,
    It’s easy to give up, turn and flee.
    But deep inside you will know it’s right,
    To face your demons and try to fight.

    Coz failure is not the falling down,
    It is in fact the staying down!

  6. Wow- truly beautiful.
    “If God and man were to meet
    would man need to speak?
    Man could only listen and learn
    for to speak would be a waste–unearned”

    ^ That is amazing.

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