Posted by: Dawud Israel | May 11, 2007

Prayer Inside the Soul

My first project is beginning to take shape. I have an outline and format developed. It just needs to be perfected and designed.

I have been thinking about salaah lately. Are the actions supposed to have meaning only physically? What if you were to make sujud in your mind, what would that appear like?

Le Gai Eaton says that standing in prayer is how we humans think of ourselves as independant and alone. The man against the world. And the ruku and sujud is man becoming humble to Allah. In times of death and times of dire need, he utterly submits.

This is one of those things we will never know. We can only speculate and try and observe its results. When a person prays, they tend to be more under control and disciplined. Things are more orderly and organized. When they do not pray, they come off as more loose and free.
Other times when a person prays regularly and with concentration, things in life seem to go so much more successfully. We can not really explain it, for only Allah knows.

Praying itself seems to seem so difficult. What can possibly be the benefit. There is a video of a healer who meditates daily and because of this he is able to generate heat out of his hands. In one clip, he light a newspaper on fire by merely concentrating. These exercises train him. Their origin, Islamic or un-Islamic is unknown. But the origin of Salaah is divine. How much greater then is the effect of prayer?

We can compare it to a wild lion and a lion trainer. The lion is caged. Contained. And then it is trained. And only after a level of training and time does the animal become a performer. Muslims are like the lion only they decide to step in the cage and then leave it for a period and then return. On and off. Never attaining the full effect of the prayer.
Another comparison is a army training. The soldier is told to perform a certain amount of push-ups. If a visitor from another world were to see this they would not easily conclude that these push-ups build strength, but they do. The same applies to other exercises such as studying. All the action is in the hands however, the effect is on the mind.

Perhaps it is the same for salaah. All the actions are in the limbs but the effect may be on the soul. Allahu Alaam.

Subhana kalahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.

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