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Manual of Quran Memorization Techniques and Strategies

Bismillah, alhamdulillah wa salat wa salam ala Rasulullah

When I began my memorization of the Quran I did extensive research into the techniques used for memorizing. In this post, I have compiled together all the techniques for memorizing Quran that I could find. It’s really amazing to see the diversity of strategies employed throughout the Muslim world.

Of course, it is crucial to memorize with a teacher. You can download it here: Manual of Quranic Memorization or read below. Feel free to share more techniques and strategies in the comments.

Classical Mauritanian Method:

Day 1

Copy out the page of the Quran that you want to memorize.
Read it until you get a fluent at it and have it memorized a little.
Repeat what you memorized 500 times (yes you read that right). You will occasionally read it while looking at the text. But go easy on yourself and take breaks in between. Use a misbah (rosary beads) to keep track and take breaks between every 100. It will take about 4.5 hours to do this if it is one page of Quran that takes about one minute for once through.

Day 2

Do the exact same as Day 1 for the new material (copy out the text, memorize, repeat 500 times).
Return to Day 1’s material and repeat it 150 times.

Day 3

Do the exact same as Day 1 for the new material (copy out the text, memorize, repeat 500 times).
Return to Day 2’s material and repeat it 150 times.
Return to Day 1’s material and repeat it 50-75 times.

Day 4

Do the exact same as Day 1 for the new material (copy out the text, memorize, repeat 500 times).
Return to Day 3’s material and repeat it 150 times.
Return to Day 2’s material and repeat it 50-75 times.
Return to Day 1’s material and repeat it 10 times.

Day 1: 500 reps
Day 2: 500 reps+150
Day 3: 500 reps+150+75
Day 4: 500 reps+150+75+10
Day 5: Same as Day 4 but read everything together a few times to ensure proper connections are made.

Benefit of this method is that you do not have to review so much. But doing this method means you will hear the verses repeating themselves in your head and even dream of reciting them due to the intensity of it. The merit of this method is it is GUARANTEED in sha Allah!

Alternative Mauritanian Method

Same routine as above but the numbers are changed to reflect the following

Day 1: 50 reps
Day 2: 50 reps+25 reps
Day 3: 50 reps+25 reps+10 reps
Day 4: Same as Day 3 but review it all together for proper connections

This is meant for people who do not have so much time to spend on it. However it should be noted this will still take a great deal of time to do. The problem with this method is that it means one will have to review more often in order to have it stick.

One could make up for this deficiency by implementing the Strategies, that are in the the last section of this book.

Another Mauritanian Method
(via. Shaykh Tawfeeq Chaudry)

Day 1: 100 reps
Day 2: 50 reps
Day 3: 10 reps
Day 4: 5 reps
Day 5: 2 reps

This is all for one section that you are memorizing, you will have to adjust it using the same pattern mentioned in the Classical Mauritanian Method

Singapore Method:

Read until fluent which means at least 10 times
Then recite it 50 times alternating between 5 times looking at the Quran (open book) and not looking at the Quran (closed book)

The Singapore Method has a number of other helpful techniques that are mentioned in the Strategies section of this book.

Circle Method for Review
(African Sub’is)

Get a group of students who have already memorized the part of the Quran
Everyone recites one ayah each
When a person makes 3 mistakes (or however many) they are out of the circle
Repeat until the entire Juz is complete


What has been mentioned above are methods that have been proven to be successful in places around the world. The prerequisites for these methods are sincerity, hard work and perseverance.

There are other strategies, tips and tricks that will also help a person in memorizing the Quran. They are important and in a sense, require an awareness of the Book of Allah and the practical points in the believer relating to it. Although you may heard some of these before we’ll go through these carefully to fully appreciate the value of them.

As mentioned earlier having a Quran teacher is important for a number of reasons:
They will correct your mistakes and help you with your weaknesses
They will keep you on track and not allow you to slack off
They will also help with the tajweed and qiraat of the Quran, so that you will not only memorize the ayahs, but how to also recite the ayahs beautifully

Pick a mushaf (Quran text) that you are already comfortable and familiar with. It should have the following:
Easy to read Arabic
Translation of the meaning
Differentiation marks for dividing Ruku, Rub, Nisf, Suls, Juz

Subhana kallhumma wa bihamdika ash-haduna la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, ameen.


  1. Can you recommend good sites for learning Qirat and tajweed which are free or not in the US or UK

    • Tbh, I don’t really know of any. I think its better to have a real teacher in your community. There are some people who teach Quran via the Internet or phone, but that is always somewhat awkward.

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  3. Asalamu alikum,
    i’ll be posting this on my blog so you know. mashaAllah amazing post, as always!


  4. Another very helpful strategy in memorizing the Quran is the Roman Room technique. A draft of the procedure is posted here:

  5. Cool, I need to apply this, too

  6. 500 reps+150+75+10 , knowing that reading each page takes 1 min makes very hard and discouraging. It will take 12.45 hours of reading alone without poses or breaks.
    What are your sources brother for these methods?

  7. Salamun alaykum, a knowledgeable friend had told me that from experience those who memorized the whole Qur’an said that if they wanted to have it strong in memory that they had to review at least 3 juz a day. For this purpose I found a very good way to do that in a very reasonable time. I first was reading 3 juz then I found that I could look with my eyes at the mushaf and hear my heart saying the words. That also felt good. With this method, by reviewing it with my heart I was able to finish a juz in around 16 minutes. After that I found another method. I have a very good recording of the whole Quran by Hafiz Kadir Temel. The link to the set will be provided below. In it I heard one of the best if not the best and clearest adherence to and enunciation of the letters and tajweed. I got that set and converted the videos into audios (mp3) and since the reciter was reciting so slowly and clearly I am able to follow along with my heart even when I increase the playback speed to 4x on VLC. Sometimes I also follow along by looking at a mushaf as well. By this method alhamdulillah I’m able to review 3 juz a day easily. One juz by listening to it at 4x speed, I’m able to follow it with my heart in around 16 minutes as well. The link to the Qur’an set by Hafiz Kadir Temel is : …. May Allah help us to be of the people of the Qur’an and recite it beautifully in dunya and akhirah.

  8. Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Everyone,
    May the zeal and passion of memorising/memorizing the Quran be instilled in all of us,Ameen.
    There is an Online Quran Memorisation Academy ( which facilitates Quran Memorisation classes Online. The Academy operates from Madinah and the teachers are certified and experienced in Quran Memorisation and Tajweed Rules of the Quran. The Academy caters to people of all age groups, you can also register for some demo classes to experience the classroom learning at the Academy.
    I hope this is beneficial for all of those who would want to memorise the Quran or learn to recite the Quran with Tajweed, Ameen.

  9. Allahu Akbar, I have greatly inspired the zeal to be among the noble memorizers of Al quran, please assist me with your prayers that may Allah make me to be consistent in it and at the same time give us the ability to practice it’s teachings. Amin

  10. GREAT TECHNIQUES !!!! Let me share my method. Read one word on the quran. Read another word on the quran. Now, without looking at the quran, try to recite those two words. Will be a peace of cake. Now look at the quran again, and pick the third word. Now try to recite those three words without looking. Now keep adding the words untill you forget the whole peace, or untill you forget one word. Now start decreasing the words. There will be a number of words upon whcich you will not forget. Keep reciting these words without looking. Do it few times, then start adding the words untill you get the whole ayat. The rest is mixing from the techniues above.

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